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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Photograph Gallery for week ending 22 November 2015.

This Sparrowhawk tried to get a finch or sparrow snack from our garden. Unfortunately there is a small bokeh effect on its body, due to a branch of our crab-apple tree getting in the way, but I think the eye focus is acceptable.

Ladder of Success.

About twelve days ago I published a photograph of a Brambling in my garden and said “this is possibly the last image I will take of one; for some time” – I was wrong!
On the morning of the 18 November this beauty visited us for about four minutes.

  'Another Step' — Ladder of Success 2.

'Triumphant Step' — Ladder of Success 3.
[Hand on heart all safety instructions were followed: no squirrel was put at risk.]

If it is Saturday it must be Pasodoble time – strictly should it be Paso Doble. If he saw it, Len would love the swirling cape-work.

'Blue Sky [in your eye]'

"Oh no, not another Grey Squirrel one" the viewers sigh.

© Elliot Sampford.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Photograph Gallery for week ending 15 November 2015

It's been over two months since I published an image of a Robin here on my weblog. I think that's a long enough gap. So here is one I shot (no it's still alive) at the beginning of this week.

Green unsociable: Gold hungry.

Goldfinch - Bird in Fight.

Nut takeaway by Blue-tit Express.

Greenfinch angel.

It's Saturday so it's 'Strictly come Flying'. I hope you think it's fab-u-lous and not a dis-a-ster.

'Graceful Greenfinch'

© Elliot Sampford

Sunday, 15 November 2015

My Photograph Gallery for week ending 8 November 2015

An indulgence of another photograph of Spike: it's probably the last opportunity until Hedgehog wakey-wakey time next spring.

My first photograph of a Brambling. It was taken in my garden on the 3rd November. Quality could be better but struggled with the poor light on a dull, dreary day; and shot through double glazing. I hope it comes back on a sunny day.

Taken through the kitchen window on a grey day.

Greater Flamingo juvenile on a rare dull day in the Murcia Region of Spain.

It had been 48 hours since my first sight of the Brambling in our garden. I must assume it's moved on. I showed you my first photograph of it above and this is possibly the last image I will take of one; for some time.

© Elliot Sampford

Thursday, 5 November 2015

My Photography Gallery for 2nd half of October 2015

Dunlin ?

Sandpiper (variety ?), Little Stint? or Sanderling in moult. If it helps with identification; taken in Costa Blanca, Spain 06.10.2015. Waders are a difficult type to identify.


House Sparrow in our Crabapple tree.

Little Grebe.

One of our regularly visiting Grey Squirrels brightened up a misty, dull and dank day.

Corned beef goes down well with this Hedgehog for building up weight for winter.

© Elliot Sampford

My Photograph Gallery for 1st half October 2015.

I don't know what variety/ies the butterfly and caterpillar are but I like the colour.

I was thinking of a title for the first image of 'Two in One' but then thought perhaps 'After and Before' might be appropriate.

'Sprightly Spaniard'

Greater Flamingo juvenile.

Hoopoe - Upupa epops.
Not as sharp as I'd like but for first images I think they're OK. Gives me something to improve on if I get another chance.

Relaxed Red Squirrel checking the quality of a discarded marble worktop.

The 'Sphodromantis viridis' is smiling.

Spanish 'Fan Dancer' called Garceta Común.

© Elliot Sampford